About me

Software Engineer / Linux Wizard

Realist, pragmatist, strong-willed, strong-minded. Sometimes taciturn, sometimes loquacious. FLOSS enthusiast but still using Windows. Alpine Linux advocator.


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Job offer?

If you have already seen my CV and have an interesting job opportunity, then you can send me a message with the details using GoldenLine, LinkedIn (don't use invitations for that purpose!) or email me using following address:

offers (at) REMOVETHIS (spamdot) pawelczyk (dot) it
(Polish or English language only!)

Always put the target company name at the beginning of your message/mail subject within square brackets and target location at the end of the subject within parentheses.

[Intel] C++ Programmer (Warsaw, PL)

I don't guarantee any response, especially in a timely manner. The more details you can provide (salary range is highly welcomed), the better chance I'll reply to you.